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Marymount Mercy Centre is a Spirituality Centre owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta, in Castle Hill, a suburb of Sydney, NSW, Australia.  It is located about 35 kilometres to the north-west of the City Centre.  Castle Hill was until recently a semi-rural area of bushland, orchards and market gardens, in Sydney's beautiful Hills District.   Today it is largely a residential area with easy access to commercial
and recreational centres and to public transport.


Marymount itself has an extensive property set in heritage-protected bushland.   It is an ideal location for renewal and sabbatical programs.

Marymount provides a beautiful venue for its present purpose of sponsoring the New Life personal and spiritual renewal programs, "Journeying with New Members" training program for Formators, a Conference Centre, and a Retreat location.

Marymount offers comfortable residential facilities and spacious grounds, and an atmosphere of quiet beauty and peace that lends itself to prayer and reflection.  A swimming pool is available for exercise and recreation.

To view scenes of Marymount please click on the following link:  

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